Nokia Lumia 925 - HERE Drive+

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HERE Drive+

HERE Drive+ guides you where you want to go with voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.

Tap HERE Drive+.
You can:
• Find your way with turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance
• Preload maps before traveling and use HERE Drive+ offline to save data costs
• Get a warning when you exceed the speed limit
• Avoid ferries and tunnels, or certain types of roads, such as unpaved roads
• Have your favorite places backed up and at hand on all HERE apps and at save places

to your Nokia account

Tip: Use this QR code to download the latest version of HERE Drive+ to your phone. Press ,

and tap . Point the camera at the code, and tap the link.

Using services or downloading content may cause the transfer of large amounts of data, which may

result in data costs.